Punk Gets the Pussy

Punk Gets the Pussy

Wack white rapper, 1 Da Bred just went double gold. Actually, he just spray painted some records gold, but the ladies don’t need to know all that. Especially Cheetah Blige, who he spots on the street in tiny, white, lace boyshorts with her big ole ass just hangin’ out. He takes her back to his (grandma’s) house to show her his records and then she shows him just how powerful that big ass of hers is. He gives her the dick so hard that she swears he is number one. Watch that big booty jiggle in doggie-style, cowgirl and then finally get coated with a hot load of cum. 1 da Bred might think he is the man, but the way she works that onion makes Cheetah a star!

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Rita Daniels’ first video fuck!

Rita Daniels' first video fuck!

These days, Rita Daniels is a 60something GILF superstar, but this is where it all began. Her very first scene. She was 59 years old at the time.

The scene opens with Rita getting her pussy fingered, then sucking cock and balls. There’s a no-nonsense look on 59-year-old Rita’s face. She knows the camera is there, and that’s making her behave even nastier. She comes across as a woman who knows she’s acting like a nasty, horny slut and doesn’t care. She talks dirty, going on about the young cock that’s filling her pussy. She’s a sloppy cock sucker, and we mean that in a good way.

For the record, Rita is 5’7″, 128 pounds and has DD-cup tits and a waxed pussy (as opposed to a shaved one; she says waxing makes it smoother). Her hobbies are playing billiards, dancing, cooking and shopping. She has sex every day and not with the same person every day. She enjoys masturbating, but with a little bit of help. Huh? How does that work?

“I like to have my boyfriend put his finger in my ass and cunt while I use my vibrator on my clit while we’re watching 50PlusMILFs.com videos on our computer,” she said.

How’s that for a testimonial! And, yes, she did say cunt.


Hot To Trot

Hot To Trot

“I don’t chase them, I replace them. My boyfriend wanted me to wait around for who knows how long for him to pick me up? I don’t think so. My feet were killing me and my pussy was wet. I needed a ride–in a car and on a cock! So I found a guy, and he gave me exactly what I needed. He licked my toes and my pussy, so I rewarded him with a foot job. I could feel him getting so hard between my soles–it was driving us both crazy. When I couldn’t take it anymore I sat on his cock and started grinding nice and slow. I came hard right away, and I could feel his cock quivering with an impending ejaculation. I gave him a few hard pumps then let him spray my feet.”

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Sun Goddess

Sun Goddess

“I love touching my boobs,” Katie Thornton said. “They’re very sensitive. My nipples especially are so sensitive. Just the slightest touch is lovely. You could blow on them and I’d tingle.”

Katie warms up under the Miami sun but she can’t get too warmed up outside. There are passing pleasure boat with built-in hot blonde bombshell detectors in their dashboards and people across the water with telescopes that can read the numbers on a satellite in orbit. So Katie heads indoors for a little private show for us and a happy ending. “When I’m home alone, I like to rub it with a toy,” Katie explains. “That’s my favorite way.” No toys are at hand so Katie lets her fingers do the walking.

“I have all my SCORE magazines at home in frames on the wall of my little bedroom. I’m really proud of them. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve done. I love my hair, my makeup, my sexy dresses. It’s all good.”

It’s better than good. It’s awesome.

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