Jewel fucks her granddaughter’s boyfriend

Jewel fucks her granddaughter's boyfriend

They’re getting younger every time for 66-year-old Jewel. Last time, this silver-haired GILF fucked her son’s 34-year-old best friend. This time, she’s going to fuck her granddaughter’s 24-year-old boyfriend, Rocky.

Now, a grandmother fucking her granddaughter’s boyfriend is not something you see too often. Hey, chances are not a lot of women out there are fucking their son’s best friend or their daughter’s boyfriend (although Jewel would, happily). But not all women are like Jewel. Most aren’t.

Of course, one of the great things about Jewel is that she doesn’t look the part. You see a woman like Sally D’Angelo or Rita Daniels and you think, “That woman loves to fuck.” Sally and Rita dress to fuck. They put their sexuality out there.

Jewel is different. She has short, white hair. She doesn’t dress in a sexually provocative manner. And yet, she gets her point across. Jewel lets you know what she wants.

Here, she’s wearing a short red dress. Rocky is peeking in on her. He’s looking for his girlfriend.

“I’m her grandmother,” Jewel says. “She’ll be back in a second. Why don’t you come on in?”

Jewel tells Rocky that she and her granddaughter have similar taste in men. They both love young cock.

“We usually share her boyfriends,” Jewel says. “She’ll fuck them for awhile, then she’ll say, ‘Hey, grandma, I’ve got this young man.”

And then Jewel gets the young man. And then the young man gets Jewel. Luckiest day of his life.

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Jizz On My Juggs!

Jizz On My Juggs!

Sashaa Juggs can wrap us around her pretty little fingers and her massively mounded mammaries with the greatest of ease anytime she wants. Any day is a good day for that so let’s get to it.

Sasha puts on a “Juggs” show first, pulling her tits out of her dress and bra to swing them. Keep staring and you’ll fall under her spell, if you are not already taken over. You won’t be putty in her hands, you’ll be an iron bar.

Sashaa shakes and twerks her big booty in your face to complete her tease and please, taking advantage of her experience as an exotic dancer and her exhibitionistic nature. Plus she watches a lot of porn. “That’s why I wanted to dance and be in porn, because I love knowing that guys are watching me and thinking about fucking me,” Sashaa told us. “So because of that, I always get way into what I’m doing to get other people to react to me.”

Juan can take no more of this tit torture–even though tit shows are always fantastic–and rushes to Sashaa, burying his head in her deep cleavage. Watch it, Juan, or you’ll never want to leave. He can’t wait to fill Sashaa’s throat with his pocket-pipe and feel it engulfed between the blonde doll’s soft super-knockers. Sashaa’s had Juan’s big dick before and even in her ass (“Anal Angel”). She’s eager to get fucked again and tries the pile driver position too. “I liked the guys I fucked here at XL Girls. They handled me, were aggressive and knew what to do but didn’t overdo it. That’s what I love!”

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Brick House

Brick House

Desiree Vega (October ’15 SCORE) holding a wine bottle between her big boobs hands-free is one of the more impressive sights seen at SCORELAND this year and that’s saying a mouthful considering all the greatness of the girls here.

Sharing a few glasses of wine with lovely Desiree? Who’s not up for that? Slim and stacked is an understatement when describing her crazy-sexy body. “I wear a 36G bra, give or take, depending on who makes it. I buy them from upscale stores. Nordstrom, Bloomingdales,” said Desiree. That lingerie she opens the show with is perfect for her.

Is this the kind of “California Girl” The Beach Boys wrote about? As we’ve noted before, it’s rare to see a beach girl with Desiree’s kind of rack on either coast. “I love my big boobs. They’re feminine and they’re big. The bigger the better! I wouldn’t mind going bigger. I’m not sure how big yet.”

The bigger the better. Words to live by.

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Park Poundin’

Park Poundin'

Some people take long walks in the park. Some people go and play sports in the park. Some people even go to the park and just sit and enjoy the scenery and the weather. But not this guy. This guy goes to the park to fuck. And who can blame him? When you get a chance at sinking your spear into a snatch as sweet as Brandy’s, how can you refuse? Granted, this guy paid for this pussy, but who is keeping score? Just the fact that he wants to forgo tiptoeing through the tulips and get straight to busting his nut on a park bench shows that this guy enjoyed his purchase and wanted to get as much use out of it as possible. We say, get your money’s worth, kiddo.

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