Sage’s quest: a facial

Sage's quest: a facial

Sage Quest, who’s 44, fucks our stud Tony…while her boyfriend watches.

“My wildest fantasy is that I want my boyfriend to see me spanked, bitch fucked and pumped full of cum by one or more bold, aggressive men who have long-lasting, rock-hard cocks,” she said. “We have tried to make this happen several times, but when men meet me, they think I’m too petite and sweet to use, so I get respectful, sweet and mushy sex. Yuck!”

Nope. Sage wants it hard. She wants her pussy to get slammed, as it does here. She wants the guy to cum all over her pretty face, as Tony does here.

“It’s hard to get a facial in real life,” Sage pointed out. “Guys always want to cum in my pussy. It’s nice to get a good facial once in a while.”

Sage is a daring woman.

“My boyfriend and I were doing an erotic nude shoot in a public park,” she said. “No one else was around except this one man watching us from a short distance. I got turned on and asked my boyfriend if he ever did it in a park. He said no. I asked him if he would like to, and he proceeded to bend me over the park bench, and we went at it.”

That time, there was an audience of one. This time, thousands.


Marina Rene returns to fuck

Marina Rene returns to fuck

When Marina Rene debuted at all the way back in 2008, we said, “One of these days, she’s gonna fuck on-camera. We just know it. But for now, watching this sleazy sexpot by herself is enough.”

We were right. Marina went on to do porn in her native Germany, some really nasty stuff, and we’re happy to report that some things about her haven’t changed. She still has big, natural tits with pierced nipples. She still has several large rings on her labia.

“I’m trying to stretch out my pussy lips,” Marina told us back in 2008. “But don’t worry. Even with all my jewelry, you would have no trouble getting your cock in my pussy.”

As her stud proves here in Marina’s first XXX scene for us.

Marina is now 49 years old (she turns 50 in July 2016). She likes S/M, getting fisted and anal sex (more on that in an upcoming posting). She’ll do just about anything in bed (or out of bed; you don’t have to be in a bedroom to fuck Marina). She’s a wife and mom. The years have treated her well. She treats a cock well. Nothing’s more important than that.

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Autumn Red Corset

Autumn Red Corset

Autumn welcomes us to an oriental sex temple in this man-goo-generating set. It’s a little different setting for our down-home honey, but the combination of glam, clam and mam guarantees major man-goo for Autumn lovers. Your scrotal temperature’ll soar past boiling point as you observe Miss A-J perform her highly erotic ritual. Enjoy her highly munchable and tender twat as she spreads the fishnet-covered legs we’d love to baste with our nut sauce. Note the careful insertion of the ancient Chinese golden dildo into her wet and willing orifice. And as always, Autumn mashes, kneads, tugs and tweaks the fleshpillows we adore. Hey, when Autumn starts her own sex cult, we’re there. You can sign up too for a small contribution today. We’re talkin’ a load of jack, guys. Go for it.

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Triple play

Triple play

This was the only threesome we did with Siri, who’s no longer doing porn scenes. We were one of the first to shoot this beauty in 2012, when she was new and eager. I wrote this for SCORELAND:

“The shipping and handling guys at SCORE‘s warehouse spend a considerable amount of time getting intimately acquainted with the products. They know every magazine, novelty and DVD and have it all memorized. It’s great when employees really know the products and study them for countless hours.

“One day, we had a temp worker assisting the guys. She looked amazingly like Siri. In order to expedite the work flow, Siri shows them how she blows two men at the same time, thus cutting down on time and effort. She explains how employees can increase their teamwork: they can fuck her mouth and pussy at the same time, lowering energy usage and costs. She’ll teach these lazy bums the benefits of being hard at work.”

A Scandinavian-American knockout, Siri is from Minnesota and looks every inch of a blonde Swedish-American knockout but with bigger boobs than most girls of her ancestry.

“I can be sweet and dirty. I am a little bit dirty, actually,” Siri said in her first interview at SCORELAND. And she has two brown belts in Karate. She really scored a knockout with SCORE guys.

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