Rack ’em Up

Rack 'em Up

She’s got us in her corner pocket. Alexya is back to show her award-winning rack while she racks ’em up on the pool table. The 2015 Voluptuous Newcomer of the year contest winner hits the felt when she’s done handling the cue stick and whacking balls.

This season’s contest was very tight, with Juliana Simms and Larissa Linn coming in second and third and Samantha Lily a formidable candidate, especially among the web voters. DB4BBW wrote, “She proves that you don’t have to do any damn hardcore to be a great model.”

Alexya said she was a late-bloomer in the breast department. “I was already about 18 or 19 years old when they started to grow. I see that many of the models at SCORELAND say they got boobs young. That was not my experience.”

Keep rackin’ us up, Alexya.

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Stacie’s men’s room break

Stacie's men's room break

I’m a big fan of sex scenes that take place in a public bathroom. There’s a dirtiness and a nastiness to them. I mean, let’s face it: Public restrooms tend to be dirty places, and any girl who would go into one looking for sex is obviously a very horny and very dirty girl.

“I’m orally fixated,” 41-year-old busty divorcee Stacie Starr said. “I love to suck cock. I enjoy light bondage and hair-pulling. I love having my ass spanked. I love choking on cock.”

Stacie gets to do plenty of that in this scene, which opens with her knocking on the door of a stall in the men’s bathroom.

“What are you doing in the guys’ bathroom?” the dude asks.

“I’m looking for a guy,” Stacie says. “I want to suck some cock. Could you help me out with that?”

Stacie still hasn’t seen the guy, but she doesn’t care what he looks like, as long as he has a hard cock. Or just a cock. Stacie knows how to make it hard.

Stacie brought along her big tits as well as her deep-sucking mouth. And her pierced, hard nipples. And her wet pussy. Before the guy knows it, Stacie is showing him her cunt and getting down on the bathroom floor to suck his cock while he gropes her tits and she plays with her pussy. It all ends with Stacie opening up her mouth for his load.

Stacie is from upstate New York and now lives in Florida. Her son drove her to the airport for this shoot. For some reason, I find that hot, too.

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High-Energy Hottie

High-Energy Hottie

It’s comeback time at SCORELAND with Minka, Danielle Derek and now Patty Michova. Patty hasn’t bared all here in over two years and she’s making up for lost time with new T&A shows and hardcore action.

An action sex-bomb, Patty keeps on the go. She works out at the gym every day to keep herself slim and fit for her on-camera gyrations and hard fucking. She roller skates when she has the time and the opportunity. Also high on Patty’s list is dancing. You’ve seen her work the pole in one of her videos (“Pole Dancing Fantasy Girl”), giving an impressive, upside-down BJ to a porn stud while gripping the pole with her strong thighs.

“I’m proud of the looks that guys give me and I appreciate the attention,” Patty wrote. “I work hard to keep my body firm and tight because the camera doesn’t lie. I want the guys to get excited when they see my videos and photos.”

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Sprayin’ & Spreadin’

Sprayin' & Spreadin'

Did you know that guys like to watch girls pee?

I never really thought about it before, but I guess it makes sense. They like to spy on us in the locker room because we get naked in there, and in the bathroom we’re dropping our panties and exposing our pussies. I’ve shared a stall with a guy before, but it was to fuck. But I would have totally let him watch me pee if he wanted. I’m not shy!”

What’s it like for girls to go to the bathroom?

“It’s pretty relaxed and open. That’s why we go in groups. If there’s just one big stall we’ll pee in front of each other while talking like it’s no big deal. We’ll take a peek at each other’s pussies and gossip about who we’re hooking up with.”

What did you think when we asked you to tinkle for L’il Pissers?

“That I better drink a lot of water! I kind of wished there was a guy there watching me during my scene. That’s what I was thinking of as I fingered my pussy, some pervy guy jacking his cock to my hot piss stream dripping out of me!”

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