Motel Seductress

Motel Seductress

Who would possibly keep Claudia waiting? Seeing her legs wrapped in those delicious black pantyhose is just too much to bear. And when we see she’s got no underwear underneath, it’s like she’s trying to torture us! That’s alright… Claudia’s friend comes over right away to take care of what we wish we could be doing to her now. She’s a silent seductress, commanding only with glances, and he knows just what to do. Licking her shoes, then slowly taking them off her perfect, hose-covered feet, he gives us a perfect view of her soles. We can see her dainty, red toenails peeking out from behind the nylon as she teases his cock with her foot and then brings it down to allow him to sniff and taste her aroma. Once both shoes are off, it’s time to suck a little cock.

“I’m not submissive by any means, but I absolutely love to suck and command a man’s cock. Nothing gets me wetter!” she tells us, and we definitely believe it. Her stud’s cock just slides right in after that, and we’re granted excellent views of her pink pussy through her ripped gusset as well as her shapely legs and feet. She even gives him access to her tight asshole, on which he leaves his cum trail by the end. It’s a scene not to be missed.

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What’s up Shirley Lily? A big, black cock!

What's up Shirley Lily? A big, black cock!

Here at, we try to show our models a good time. Here, Shirley is being shown a good time by a hung, black stud, and although she’s a first-timer, she’s capable of taking every inch he gives her. She is obviously having a very good time. Lucas is having a good time, too. The facial he gives Shirley proves it.

Shirley is a 52-year-old divorcee who lives in Southern California. She’s a mother and grandmother. She has DD-cup tits. She says she enjoys organizing and hosting events in her community. Like swinging?

“I’ve been a swinger off and on,” Shirley said. “About a year ago, I was at a party filled with swingers at a nice home near where I live. There was a moment when some folks headed upstairs, and I heard a woman oohing and ahhing, which excited me. Next thing I knew, there were men and women pleasuring me. It was orgasmic!”

Shirley is multi-orgasmic, as you’re about to find out. She also has a filthy mouth. When she’s horny, which is most of the time, she refers to her pussy as her cunt. She enjoys getting gangbanged. And check out her fantasy: “I imagine several men masturbating around me. They each take turns filling my hole with their cum and some stick their hard cock in my mouth before fucking my naughty, horny pussy.”

By the way, what she’s wearing in this video is similar to what you’d usually see her wearing if you saw her out in public. And, yes, you should make the first move. Although if you don’t, Shirley surely will.

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Women Like Glamour. Men Like Spread Pussy.

Women Like Glamour. Men Like Spread Pussy.

“Women are very different from men,” Karina says about the differences between the sexes. “To a man, a sexy photo is of a woman with her breasts hanging out and her legs spread, and maybe she is pleasuring herself. To a woman, it is much more the idea of something than seeing it right in front of you. I would like sexy, artistic pictures with some nice but unusual background, something like laying naked in a tub filled with colorful candies or on a bed of roses, or maybe in a beautiful bubble bath. Some hot, sexy pictures that are teasing but don’t have to show too much.” In this video, Karina doesn’t do much teasing, unless you count the all-important bra modeling at the beginning. Nope, before long, her colorful dildo comes out, and then it goes in, all the way into her pussy. “I love when I can feel my pussy gripping the toy,” Karina said. “I am very
happy that I have a very tight pussy. The men I have been with are happy
about that, too.”

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Tracy Licks black cock at the nudist resort

Tracy Licks black cock at the nudist resort

What’s Tracy Licks, a wife and mother of three from Tampa, Florida, wearing?

Practically nothing. Stockings and a necklace that splits her cleavage, teases her soft skin and stops just above her pussy.

How many 52-year-old women would dare wear something like this?

Not many, and we’ll tell you that Tracy is–ahem–wearing just this outfit on the cover of an upcoming issue of 50Plus MILFs magazine.

What else is Tracy doing here? She’s driving the moving guy crazy. She’s standing there with her tits and pussy out. But what did he expect?

“You didn’t know you were delivering to a nudists resort?” Tracy says.

“No,” Jax Black says. “I didn’t know this was a nudists resort.”

He tries to keep his composure, but that’s impossible when Tracy’s tits and pussy are out, especially when she goes right after his big, black cock.

Looks like he’ll be moving in, too.

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