Kinky Kitten

Kinky Kitten

Welcome back, Brook! What’ve you been up to since the Jan. ’12 issue?

“Having lots of sex and being as kinky as possible! I’ve recently met a guy with a big, fat cock, so we’ve been fucking 24/7. We’re doing it all over town, too!”

Where have you guys fucked? Give us the details!

“We’ve fucked in the bathroom at restaurants and bars, at a laundrette, in alleys, in the park. We don’t go out with the intention of fucking, it’s just that he turns me on so much I want to do it all the time, even if we’re in public! I just look at him, and I want to makeout with him and I start rubbing his cock and feel it get hard in his pants. And once that happens all I want to do is wrap my lips around his willy and feel him pound me in every position.”

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Patricia In The Middle

Patricia In The Middle

Patricia Gold’s bigger-than-big boobs are basically pouring out of her corset. It looks like something gave way and her tits just spilled out. She sits between Neeo and Thomas on the couch but they won’t be sitting for very long. They have three-way games to play.

Today is Make A Patricia Gold Sandwich Day. You take Patricia, get her naked, put her between two studs with big salamis and squirt some of that special sauce on her.

Patricia offers up a feast of flesh, a banquet of boobs, to her two hook-ups. When one cock-slinger is fucking her throat, the other is fucking her giant tits. Then they take turns on Patricia’s soaking-wet lady-hole, plugging her to the hilt.

“I have made two XLGirls videos with guys. One I made with Thomas (“Hot For Gold”). So when they asked me if I wanted to have two guys for a new one, Thomas brought Neeo. I have never been so ravished before in my life. I didn’t know how sex can be until they showed me. They are two real dirty guys and I loved it. I never had this kind of adventure until I became a model!”

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It’s A Sha Thing

It's A Sha Thing

Sha Rizel climbs the stairway to heaven so stay with her every step of the way. Finding an empty bedroom to get cozy in, Sha slips out of her tight, low-cut top, miniskirt, bra and panties. You’re invited to go crazy as Sha shows us what the best-dressed women wear. Absolutely nothing at all.

“Every woman likes feeling attractive and knowing that men admire you,” says Sha, a woman who gets an awful lot of admiration. At the airport on her recent trip, many heads spun, both male and female, to check out her beauty, probably guessing that she was a model, a dancer, perhaps a TV personality. “Men shouldn’t just stare all the time. They should sometimes look at my eyes.”

Sha is a believer in tradition. One of her traditions is cooking the food of her homeland. “I love to cook traditional Ukrainian food. One of my favorite things to cook is borscht, which is a Ukrainian soup with beetroot or a tomato paste as the main ingredient. I also like making pampushki, which is roast potatoes topped with garlic.”

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Red-hot for cock

Red-hot for cock

“I woke up horny today,” says 50-year-old Tracy Licks, who debuted at and is now enjoying her first fuck at She points to her red lips and says, “Wouldn’t they look good wrapped around a big cock. I think they would. And a big dick in my red pussy?” She must mean pink pussy, but she’s horny, so cut her some slack. “I could go for one of those.”

Fortunately for Tracy, the big dick is there waiting for her, and before long, we get to see what her lips look like wrapped around a big dick.

“I wanna suck it,” Tracy says. “I want to get it nice and hard while I suck it.”

Have at it, Tracy!

So she sucks it. Then she rides it. Then she lies down so he can hammer her pussy. Then she gets on her hands and knees so she can get fucked doggy style. Then she opens her mouth for cum.

“How do my red lips look now?” Tracy said.

Cum-covered, that’s how.

Born in Pennsylvania, now living in Tampa, Florida, Tracy is a swinger who originally came to our studio because she wanted to get black porn cock. She ended up getting that and a lot more.

“I am a dedicated soccer mom by day and a horny housewife by night,” Tracy said. And a nudist. And a swinger.

Tracy has had her own Internet porn site for 15 years, making her a bit of a pioneer. And about that “I woke up horny today” line? We’re sure she wakes up horny every day.

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